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December 8, 2013

Want to avoid gutter cleaning? ‘Get it and forget it’

It’s one of those fall chores that no one wants to do.

Cleaning leaves and debris out of gutters is often one of the last honey-do jobs on the list.

Charleston-based Gutter Pro has opened a kiosk at Crossroads Mall, and local manager David Dodds said the company now covers the entire southwest region of West Virginia.

The company offers a gutter covering system that deflects debris and allows only rainwater to flow to the downspouts, reducing the likelihood of clogging to nearly zero, according to the company’s website,

The system works with a “hurricane nose” cover over the existing gutters and attaches with a bracketing system that adds strength and support to the entire gutter structure. Gutter Pro’s website says the cumulative effect reduces maintenance costs.

The website goes on to explain in more detail: “The unique gutter guard design blocks the entrance of debris and leaves so that only water can flow into the gutters. Normally, gutters require constant maintenance and cleaning, but the innovation of our seamless gutter systems prevent leaves, pine needles, and other waste from blocking water runoff on your home.”

Dodds said the system also protects gutters, soffit, fascia board and roofing from ice and snow build-up than can occur during thawing and refreezing.

Although other systems on the market make the same claims as Gutter Pro, the company’s website says that other options only work temporarily, and still allow debris into gutters and downspouts.

Gutter Pro’s system, on the other hand, offers these benefits, the website says:

- Superior gutter support bracket. The patented ProBracket System provides additional strength and support to your existing gutters, ensuring that your investment will be durable and long lasting. Other products on the market simply attach to your roof or gutters and can add extra strain on your home’s gutters.

- Professional gutter guard installation. The company’s service professionals are licensed and insured and can install the Gutter Pro system without any damage to your home’s exterior.

- Clog Free Gutter Guarantee. Although a clogged gutter may not sound like the end of the world or the reduction in home values, it actually can have some lasting effects on the structure of your home and property. Runoff can cause damage to landscaping through soil erosion, basement flooding and roof damage from trapped water.

The cost of Gutter Pro depends on the size of the home. The company offers inspections and a detailed recommendation for homeowners. Eighteen-month, no-interest financing is available.

“We do the pricing according to what their needs are,” Dodds said.

In addition to the guttering system, Gutter Pro now also offers energy-efficient reflective insulation. Insulation purchases are eligible for federal tax credits, and have a lifetime guarantee, Dodds said.

The Gutter Pro system has a lifetime guarantee, as well.

Gutter Pro is rated A+ on both Angie’s List and with the Better Business Bureau, Dodds said.

That stellar rating may be because Dodds has been in the guttering business for 36 years, and in West Virginia for the past 13 years.

Dodds and assistant manager Michael Thorne can be reached at 304-766-1585 or 800-284-6605.

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