The Register-Herald, Beckley, West Virginia


June 27, 2009

Gold -N- Pawn

New Beckley location provides more space

It’s a great place to purchase high quality jewelry at a discount price or to get a new home theater system.

Nik Dickerson, manager of Gold -N- Pawn in Beckley, said he likes to think of the place as one that helps people.

“We’re basically here to help the little guy,” said Dickerson. “The guys that their hot water heater blew up and they used the extra money on it, and now the kid’s sick and they need to go to the doctor.

“They come in, get a small loan, and in 30 days usually pick up their stuff.”

Gold -N- Pawn left its former spot at Beckley Crossing and is now located at 3158 Robert C. Byrd Drive, a locale next to Quizno’s that once hosted a car lot.

“We needed more space, and we were tired of paying rent, so we basically bought a car lot,” Dickerson said. “We are a pawn shop that gives loans on pretty much anything of value that can be resold.”

Gold -N- Pawn is a corporation that also has locations in Princeton, Bluefield, and Roanoke, Va., said Dickerson.

The corporation has existed since 1987, and the Beckley location has been in business since 1992, he added.

“Business has been doing well,” he said. “We try to be people persons, and we try to help out.

“We don’t look at it really as a business,” added Dickerson. “It’s more like helping someone out in a time of need.

“Of course, there is the business side of it. We sell the stuff.”

According to Dickerson, folks come to Gold -N- Pawn with guitars, jewelry, guns, tools, CDs, game systems, bows, laptops and other valuable items that can be resold.

They are given a loan while Gold -N- Pawn holds the item in the store.

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