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February 5, 2012

A hunter's paradise

Palmer’s pro-archery and Sporting Goods offers hand-made items

HINTON — A man who has been hunting and fishing his entire life has opened a sporting goods store in Hinton.

Jonathan Palmer opened Palmer’s Pro-Archery and Sporting Goods just a few months ago and so far, business is great.

“You couldn’t find a store like this in 100 miles,” Palmer said. “I have furs in my store and we do frontier items, custom knives and hand-made items.”

He sells everything from archery and trapping supplies to fishing and sporting good necessities.

At the store you’ll find Palmer has his own bait and lure company, his own custom call business and he sells custom-made knives.

“Everybody says I was born 100 years too late,” Palmer said. He says everyone should come check out the store “to see the history of our heritage and what our forefathers did.” He also says guests can see how the tradition of hunting is being carried on.

“Most kids nowadays wouldn’t see a fox getting skinned or a coyote getting skinned. They’ll buy a fur coat in New York for a couple thousand dollars, but they don’t really know where that fur came from.”

If you plan on visiting the store, bring a camera along.

“People take more pictures when they come in the store than anything. I’ve got furs hanging everywhere.”

Palmer plans to teach how-to classes at his store for a small fee.

The store is open Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.

The store number is 304-309-4268 and it is located on 608 Stokes Drive.

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