The Register-Herald, Beckley, West Virginia

March 24, 2013

East Gulf Complex earns Coal Refuse Reclamation South Award


Pocahontas Coal Co.’s East Gulf Complex in Raleigh County received the Coal Refuse Reclamation South Award for environmental stewardship at the West Virginia Coal Association’s 40th Annual West Virginia Mining Symposium held earlier this month.

“We would like to congratulate Pocahontas Coal and the other companies who were recognized for their hard work and responsible reclamation,” said Bill Raney, president of the West Virginia Coal Association.

“Each of these companies goes far beyond what is required to restore former mine lands. We always say coal miners are the real environmentalists. They don’t just talk about doing something — they go out and do it. They do it because this is their home. We are proud to represent these companies and the 63,000 coal mining families who live and work here in West Virginia.”

Jason Bostic, vice president for the West Virginia Coal Association, said, “Pocahontas Coal showed exemplary performance in reclamation of a refuse facility. For achieving environmental compliance and incorporating community involvement in the restoration of a pre-law refuse area into an aesthetically pleasing facility with their ‘Green Project’ challenge to all of its operations.”

The Greenlands Award, the top award for environmental stewardship, was presented to Consol’s Turkey Gap Refuse Impoundment in Mercer County.

Met Resources LLC’s McComas Surface Mine #1 in Mercer claimed the Drainage and Sediment Control South Award as well as the Haul Road Construction South Award.

In presenting the Greenlands Award to Consol, Bostic said, “This award is for their work in reclaiming a refuse area, preparation plant and a deep mine complex. After reclamation of the mining complex was completed, Consol initiated reclamation of the impoundment in 2011 and finished it in 2012, leaving an aesthetically pleasing and highly functional end result.”

Bostic added, “Met Resources showed exemplary performance in reclamation of a surface mine and the engineering and construction of the drainage structures to ensure that each exit channel mirrors the other. Met Resources mined the area and returned the site to blend in with the surrounding topography in an environmentally responsible manner, achieving an environmental compliance with no violations during the life of the permit.”

Consol Coal Co.’s Itmann #3 Mine in Wyoming County was awarded the Deep Mine Reclamation South Award.