The Register-Herald, Beckley, West Virginia



United Coal Co. employees celebrate safety awards. Front row, from left, Rick Waddell, vice president of safety; Justin Summerfield, plant operator at Star Bridge Preparation plant; Semeon Tenney, scoop operator at Pleasant Hill Mine; Tim Parter, roof bolter at J-3 Mine South; Herb Hatchett, manager of surface operations for Pocahontas Coal Co.; Mike Zervos, president and CEO of United Coal Co.; middle row, Joe Marshall, foreman at J-3 Mine South; Chip Herald, superintendent of Pocahontas Coal Co. Surface Operations; Bruce Vance, maintenance foreman for Pocahontas Coal Co. surface operations; top row, Mark Riegel, plant manager for Star Bridge Preparation Plant; Roger Summerfield, equipment operator at Star Bridge Preparation Plant; Dwayne Ware, manager of coal preparation for Pocahontas Coal Co. and Carter Roag Coal Co.; Eric Tennant, safety inspector for Pleasant Hill Mine; Gary Patterson, President of Pocahontas Coal Co.; Larry Owens, maintenance superintendent for Pleasant Hill Mine; Richie Carr, supervisor for support operations at Pleasant Hill Mine; Brad Phillips, mine manager for Pleasant Hill Mine ; John Lewis, safety supervisor for Pocahontas Coal Co.; Mark Cantrell, foreman for Pocahontas Coal Co. surface operations; Jeff Bitzer, vice president of operations for United Coal Co.