The Register-Herald, Beckley, West Virginia


July 15, 2012

CORRECTED: Final-Round Tee Times

Here are Monday’s tee times for the final round of the 32nd annual Beckley Newspapers Memorial Golf Classic. The round will take place on the Cobb Course at The Resort at Glade Springs:

No. 1 tee

7:30 a.m.: John Leo Bridi, Rick Barbero, David Barbero, Andy Kees

7:40 a.m. Stan Selden, Mike Chapman, Wayne Legursky, Gerald Walker

7:50 a.m.: Steve Giles, Terry Shepherd, Eric Griffith

8:00 a.m.: Terrance Beam, Todd Griffith, Jeremy Carte, Chip Booth

8:10 a.m.: Ryan Neal, Jay Cantley, Jeff Brooks, Bob Saunders

8:20 a.m.: Jeff Shrewsbury, Tim Erwin, Shawn Madden, Joe Sparks

8:30 a.m.: Danny Quesenberry, Shaun Wood, Robert Wharton, Jim Workman

8:40 a.m.: Michael Brunty, Gary Wharton, Pat Crickard, Seth Smith

8:50 a.m.: Scott Bailey, Greg Mullens, Dave Lowry, Chase DeWeese

9:00 a.m.: Jeffrey Dillon, Ernie Fox, Dave Farley, David Gorby

No. 10 tee

7:30 a.m.: David Crone, Dave Pack, Butch Freeman, Mike Green

7:40 a.m.: Steve DeWeese, Jacob Pitman, Eric Scalf, Michael Beckett

7:50 a.m.: Harold Davis, Mike Halstead, Larry Powers, Nick Mays

8:00 a.m.: Mark Workman, David Wolfe, David Jude, Tyler Farley

8:10 a.m.: Chad Griffith, Jimmy Jones, George Barr, Marty Merritt

8:20 a.m.: Butch Fox, Wesley Smith, Robert Henderson, Rick Thompson

8:30 a.m.: Dave Cook, Stuart Scott, Greg Midkiff, Jerry Hickman

8:40 a.m.: Gary Cooper, Chuck Stephenson, Chris Sparks, Rick Vass

8:50 a.m.:  Don Rose, Sam Corey, Karl Klaus, Tim McGhee

9:00 a.m.: Tony Giles, Jeff Miller, J.R. Scott, Mike Smith

No. 1 tee

12:00 p.m.: Aaron Boggs, Joel Davis, Mike Mays

12:10 p.m.: Derek Brooks, Bryan Farley, Tim Boggs, Dennis Vass

12:20 p.m.: Davey Jude, Greg McGraw, John Handy, Harry Howell

12:30 p.m.: David Cassis, Andrew Skeens, Winston Canada, Mike Powers

12:40 p.m.: Bosten Miller, Brandon Reece, Alan Wharton, Kelly Shumate

12:50 p.m.: Robbie Daniel, Terry Caldwell, Harold Griffith, Frank Marra

1:00 p.m.: Buddy Jarrell, George Senopole, Sonny Bivens, Adam Etris

1:10 p.m.: Brandon McMillion, Tom Settle, Bill Brown, Cirillo Villaneuva

1:20 p.m.: Steven Gardner, Tom Patterson, Nathan McKinney, Eric Bishop

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